Composting and Recycling

We are pleased to announce that effective October 1st 2017, we will be implementing a composting program at The Glenwood Manor.

A green cart will be placed alongside the recycle bins (we are adding another) and will be emptied on a weekly basis.

Attached are handouts of acceptable and unacceptable items for the compost.  Please print a copy and keep it handy as you become familiar with the program.

It is advisable to have a bucket in your kitchen with a compostable liner that can then be then thrown directly into the green bin.  Please refrain from throwing compostable items directly into the compost bin so that we can keep the cart clean and free of critters

Please note ALL pet waste must be in compostable bags before going in the master bin.

All of these supplies can be purchased at any box store:  Walmart, Home Depot, etc.

As noted above, we will be adding another recycle bin to accommodate extra material.

We have noted garbage, carpets and other household items that have been placed in and around the recycle bin.  PLEASE be familiar with what is and is not acceptable for recycling.  We will identify a receptacle for recyclables where bottles, cans and milk jugs can be placed.  As usual, please break down cardboard so it will fit in the bin.  Any oversized pieces can be broken down and left tucked in behind the bins for pick up.

And finally, please dispose of all “garbage items” in the dumpster.  Do not leave items outside the bin for alley walkers to take as this encourages others to dump items at our bin.

PLEASE do not put recycle or compost items in the dumpster going forward.

Thank you for your cooperation.