On-Site Parking

You may have noticed some minor construction work that happened the last week of October in the back yard of the Glenwood Manor.

The reason for this is that at our last condo board meeting, questions were raised as to whether it made sense to continue to have a derelict-looking construction site in our back yard for an extended period of potentially more than two years providing no real benefit to residents or owners. For background, you may recall we are not progressing any long-term parking /yard solution because we don’t think it is prudent to install permanent paving or fencing structures that could impede use of the area for construction workers during essential roof maintenance that is required and will hopefully be done over the next two years.

The board decided to investigate potential costs of creating a short-term solution that could be used as parking to make the space at least slightly useful (and revenue-generating) and less derelict looking, even if we cannot yet make it beautiful and exactly how we want it long-term. After receiving good quotes from contractors and doing some financial analysis, we committed to creating basic parking stalls by laying down gravel on the area.

So the bad news is what it already was: we won’t have a finalized back yard / parking solution installed for at least 15 months, and potentially significantly longer (depends on continued evaluation of roof maintenance issues).

The good news is you now all have the option of renting a parking stall, and those owners that don’t may have a condo association with slightly improved finances thanks to potential parking rent revenues.

For those interested in potential use of the planned gravel off-street parking stalls, here is an application with rules and regs. For any non-resident landlords interested I have also attached a photo. 9 stalls are available at this time and will be rented to owners for $100/mo on a first-come, first-serve basis. Current and future tenants may rent a stall, but this must currently be facilitated through unit owners, so please talk to your landlord if you’d like to submit an application. Full details are in the application.

Please send any completed applications to [email protected]. Our preferred lease term is 6 months.