Glenwood Manor Origins

Here you will find information about the historic Glenwood Manor in Calgary, Alberta.  History and newsworthy updates will be posted, and condo documents are available for owners.

Glenwood Manor, built in 1928, is a three-storey red-brick clad masonry and concrete apartment building designed in an eclectic style – drawing from the Georgian Revival, and incorporating Spanish and Arts & Crafts influences. The U-shaped plan of the building has maintained 12 units throughout its history, which function present-day as condominiums. Glenwood Manor is located on a prominent corner lot along Memorial Drive at 8th St NW in Sunnyside, and is visible from the Peace Bridge.

Rich and of high quality, built with the latest amenities of the time – Glenwood Manor is a symbolic reminder of the economic prosperity Calgary enjoyed during the late 1920s. From its opening in 1928, Glenwood Manor established itself as a premier location for Calgary’s emerging upper-middle class, and remains a particularly fine and well-preserved monument to a period of early local success.

Builder and first owner Andrew Murdoch lived in Glenwood Manor, as did notable Calgarians that contribute to its city-wide heritage value. Future oil magnate Sam Nickle resided there from 1939-41, just prior to his explorations in Turner Valley and following substantial success. Two Aldermen (Councillors) stayed in Glenwood Manor during different eras: Elaine Husband in the 1980s, and Pansy Pue in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Pue additionally served as Provincial Conservative Secretary, and was only the second woman to hold the position of Alderman. Less celebrated but notable in their time, Lou Doll, an entrepreneur of local renown, and Captain E.H. Parsons, Industry Coordinator for Calgary Power Ltd. all lived in Glenwood Manor apartments.


Condo Documents

The Glenwood Manor condo board maintains this site as a resource for owners to monitor board activity and obtain current condo documents on-demand.  For additional sich as Meeting Minutes and Financials, please see the Private Documents area.


Bylaws, Rules & Regulations



Please inform the condo board & management ([email protected])  prior to tenants moving in or out of a unit.  In the case of new tenants moving in, please also have tenants sign this form to confirm they have read the by-laws (and in particular the section detailing rules and duties for tenants). A copy of the by-laws is available at

Rental Agreement Addendum