Glenwood Manor Munical Heritage Designation

The board and owners are proud to announce that we have officially received a municipal heritage designation from City Council.  The primary drivers for the heritage designation were to preserve the beautiful exterior and common areas of the building, while being able to participate in funding available for the maintenance required to keep the building in this condition. The board has worked hand-in-hand with the Heritage Authority to craft a associated with the designation.

Municipal Heritage Bylaw 43M2017 (2017)

On-Site Parking

You may have noticed some minor construction work that happened the last week of October in the back yard of the Glenwood Manor.

The reason for this is that at our last condo board meeting, questions were raised as to whether it made sense to continue to have a derelict-looking construction site in our back yard for an extended period of potentially more than two years providing no real benefit to residents or owners. For background, you may recall we are not progressing any long-term parking /yard solution because we don’t think it is prudent to install permanent paving or fencing structures that could impede use of the area for construction workers during essential roof maintenance that is required and will hopefully be done over the next two years.

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Composting and Recycling

We are pleased to announce that effective October 1st 2017, we will be implementing a composting program at The Glenwood Manor.

A green cart will be placed alongside the recycle bins (we are adding another) and will be emptied on a weekly basis.

Attached are handouts of acceptable and unacceptable items for the compost.  Please print a copy and keep it handy as you become familiar with the program.

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New Glenwood Manor By-laws

We are happy to announce that the new by-laws , after receiving 100% supportive votes from unit owners (thanks!), have now been registered and are therefore in effect. The registered copy of the new by-laws is available at the Documents page.

Moving Tenants

Please inform the condo board prior to tenants moving in or out of a unit. In the case of new tenants moving in, please have them sign the Rental Agreement Addendum (which can be downloaded from Documents) to confirm they have read the by-laws ( and in particular the section detailing rules and duties for tenants).

Windows and Storage

We have rescheduled the window cleaning to Thursday, July 6th.  We  anticipate the baby robins will have left their nest by then.

Please remember to unlock your windows as well as the back porch doors between suites so that they can be accessed by the window cleaners.


On another note, this is a reminder that all storage items must be kept in your storage locker and free of all stairs, landings and hallways.

Window Cleaning

Just to let you know the window cleaning has been postponed to mid-late June due to a nesting robin above the 904 entry doors.

Please be careful when entering or exiting that side of the building as the robin and her mate can get quite aggressive once the babies are born.


Will keep you posted on the new date for cleaning.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for updates on major projects, heritage designation status, and other timely and relevant items for Glenwood residents and owners.